29 July 2012

Summer rolls

Fried rice, Swiss chard, tomato, escabeche, spring onion, tofu, basil, with garlic chili sauce

28 July 2012

Fried rice

Red onion, Portabella mushrooms, carrots, celery, garlic, peppers, okra, squash, tomato, basil; with sweet tamari chili sauce

24 July 2012

Jeremy Bday 2012

I didn't document all of Jeremy's bday food, but here is some of it:

Turkish Delight (blackberry and toasted almond orange flower)
 Lavender honey marshmallows, coconut milk ganache, and the turkish delight (served with coffee for breakfast)
 Homemade burrata, with balsamic-marinated tomatoes and basil 

Central District State-Themed Dinner

This was a company dinner for a group of ten whose district includes the states of Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, and Arkansas.  We decided to theme our dinner on the spirit of food in each of those states:

 Chicken stock and brick roux in progress:
 Catfish fillets sprinkled with blackening spice:
 Roasting carrots for a sauce:
 Hors d'Œuvres (Missouri): St. Paul Sandwich and Kansas City BBQ Sandwich Sliders
  • St. Paul sandwich (from St. Louis Chinese restaurants): freshly-baked bread, apricot-infused fresh pickle, lettuce, tomato, fresh citrus mayo and shrimp egg fu young

  •  The St. Paul on low-carb peanut butter bread for a diabetic attendee:

  •  White oak-smoked pork tenderloins in Jeremy's KC-style sauce

 Soup Course (Arkansas): Chicken gumbo with pressed rice chip and fresh whole-wheat rolls
Fish Course (Arkansas): Blackened catfish with collard slaw and creole remoulade
 Main Course (Iowa): Airline chicken over brown butter and garlic mashed potatoes with carrot ginger sauce and edamame pea sauce

 Dessert (South Dakota): Blackberry kuchen pyramid with vanilla bean custard

Sue Swan's 60th Bday Dinner

In progress for hors d'œuvres and salad: Truffle Chicken Mousseline for Musubi & Tamari-Glazed Quails' Eggs

 Hors d'Œuvres: Truffled Chicken Mousseline Musubi, Mango Cucumber Maki, Lime Tamari Dipping Sauce and Sriracha Mayo
 Amuse Bouche: Sope Chip with Hummus and Tomato Salad
 Soup Course: Lobster Bisque with Salsa Verde and Brioche Crumb
 Salad Course: Roasted Turnip and Winter Squash with Tamari-Glazed Quail's Egg and Avocado
 Intermezzo: Hibiscus Lime Cooler
 Pièce de Resistance: Parmesan-Crusted Pork Loin with Buttermilk Turnip-Sweet Potato Purée, Ginger-Carrot Beurre Noisette, and Pecan Brussel Sprouts

 Seafood Course: Artisan Cheese Consommé with Parmesan Chip and Paprika -Crusted Sea Scallop
Dessert: "Key Lime Pie" (Lime Curd Ice Cream in Chocolate Cup with Toasted Marshmallow Fluff, Hibiscus Reduction and Macaron Crumb)
 Digestif: St. Brendan's, Frangelico, and Crème de Cacao

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